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Is Your Garden a Chore?

Who still has the time or the energy to mow the lawn these days? Much less turn every bed, pull every weed, and then still drive to the dump with bags and bags of garden refuse. Week in and week out.

Taking care of your own garden also means you need to:

  • Maintain and repair equipment.
  • Take garden refuse to the municipal dump.

Do You Need a Convenient Solution?

Maintaining your garden yourself may appear more economical on the face of it, but delve deeper and you soon discover that there's more to it than pushing a lawnmower.

Hiring a Casual Labourer Can Include:

  • Employment contracts
  • Paying UIF for anyone who works more than 24 hours a month
  • Providing meals
  • Delivering garden refuse to the municipal dump
  • Providing lifts when the day ran longer than expected.

Not to mention the security issues and equipment maintenance concerns that come each time you let a new person onto your property.

A Garden Service Is Still Your Best Option

Benefits of a Garden Service

  • Quick - It normally takes about an hour or less.
  • Supervised. No one is left to their own devices on your property.
  • Own equipment. - No purchase or maintenance costs.
  • Removes garden refuse. - No time spent at the municipal dump.*
  • Trained - Each gardener moves efficiently at the task he is allocated to, delivering the same standards at each visit.
  • Staff Administration falls to the company owner.

As a homeowner, you are no longer required to concern yourself with these responsibilities. Instead, you get to enjoy the final product each week with only minimal organization required on your part. i.e Arranging weekly access to your property and a power source and the administration of your monthly payment.

*Please Note that refuse removal includes only that which was created during the weekly cleanup. For example, grass cuttings and leaves raked up. Should you have incurred additional garden refuse during the week please arrange with us for its removal separately from your monthly garden maintenance arrangement.

How Much Will It Cost?








Pricing Varies According To Your Needs

It all depends on your garden. Here's what we look at:

  • Property Size
  • Property Location
  • Day of Week/Time
  • Number & Size of Perennials
  • Soil Requirements
  • Paving Requirements
  • Pickups Required
  • Size of Lawn
  • Special Requests or Requirements.

Call us to arrange a free onsite assessment of your garden's requirements.

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